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How does HSE work? PDF Print E-mail
Once the brain, specifically the cerebral cortex, becomes aware of the tight muscles through the somatic movement patterns then freedom of movement, flexibility, and pain-free movement are restored. These somatic movement patterns are not physical exercise, but in fact are mind-body or sensory-motor exercises. Changes are made to the sensorimotor areas in the brain in order to maintain internal control of your muscular-skeletal system. Thomas Hanna discussed aging and he felt that aging is a process of growth and progress. The following is a quote from Thomas Hanna, “A human who knows aging to be a process of ongoing growth is a human who has the ongoing power to overcome ailments, surmount malaise, and triumph over the worst of defeats. Not to countenance defeat, not to accept failure, not to give up, is to drink from the well of life’s richest nourishment: the wisdom that, in its depth, life is ever redemptive and rejuvenating.” HSE can be experienced in private sessions, movement classes, or workshops.
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A natural, gentle, and safe way to end chronic pain, relieve stress, and restore freedom of movement.,