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What makes HSE different? PDF Print E-mail
There are specific guidelines that are different from traditional exercise programming. The movements are performed within the normal limits of your body’s range of motion and under voluntary control. The technique of pandiculation is used to bring long term changes in the control of habitually contracted muscles. During pandiculation, certain strong muscular actions send a sensory signal to the cerebral cortex, the higher thinking center of the brain, that refreshes the connection between sensory and motor cortexes; thereby, relinking the brain and body. Pandiculation is often confused with stretching. However, pandiculation has the effect of simultaneously improving sensory awareness and bringing the resting tonus of muscles nearly to zero. It is very common that stretching can excite the stretch reflex and cause the muscles to contract and shorten more instead of relax and lengthen. Through the brain-muscle training techniques of HSE, you can recapture control of the musculature system; thereby, relaxing tight muscles, improving posture, and regaining control of impaired movement patterns.
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