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HSE Essentials PDF Print E-mail
HSE can also be explored and enjoyed during hour long group movement classes. I call this Hanna Somatics Essentials. During these classes, specific movement patterns are experienced while being guided by verbal instructions. Each student has ample opportunity to explore the movements in a comfortable, non competitive atmosphere. Unlike traditional exercise programs, students are encouraged to pace themselves not feeling pressured that they must keep up with classmates. This is truly an individual experience. Topics vary weekly and beginners as well as advanced students are encouraged to participate. Group classes are being organized throughout the Tampa Bay area. If you are interested in organizing a group class at your site, please contact Robin Maltenfort to make the arrangements. It is recommended that classes have a minimum of 10 participants. Please check the Calendar for the schedule. 

The following are recommendations for the Somatic Essential Classes:
  v  Medically cleared to do gentle movements and activity
  v  Bring a yoga mat or towel to lay on, small pillow or towel for
              comfort, and water bottle.

  v  Arrive 10-15 minutes before class time, so classes can begin on time.  
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