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HSE Sessions PDF Print E-mail
HSE can be experienced in private, hands on sessions; group sessions; workshops; and through your own home practice. Sessions are conducted in a quiet setting where students practice the Somatic Exercises lying down, sitting, or standing. The brain-based movement sequences are effective techniques for self-care and repair and you will discover relief from tension, stress, and chronic pain. Each session addresses different movement patterns recognizing the importance of the somatic center. The private, hands on sessions is collaboration between client and practitioner to reeducate the mind-body connections through improving internal awareness and increasing voluntary control. HSE private, group sessions, and workshops include take- home materials for your continued home practice called your Daily Hanna Somatic Essentials (DHSE). The HSE sequences tend to calm the nervous system, can lower blood pressure, and promote better quality of sleep - to name a few of the many benefits. The process is so gentle that it is also safe for aging adults or for people recovering from injury, surgery, or trauma. This work is extremely helpful for laborers, athletes, dancers, actors, physical therapists, bodyworkers, fitness instructors, and anyone wanting a more intelligent body. Everyone will work within his or her own comfort zone.


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A natural, gentle, and safe way to end chronic pain, relieve stress, and restore freedom of movement.,